Sefuse® Battery Protectors

SCHOTT SEFUSE® D6S battery fuses offer reliable overcurrent and overcharging protection for lithium-ion batteries.

The D6S series components are designed to protect lithium-ion batteries from potentially damaging and dangerous overcurrent and overcharging circumstances. The D6S battery protectors are thin surface mount devices suitable for products that require space-saving lithium-ion battery components. The D6S fuse will cut off the current in cases of overcurrent, and its self-heater element is able to externally cut off the current in case of overcharging. The D6S series are suitable for high currents and are compatible with up to 14 cells. They are RoHS compliant and are antimony and halogen free. Many variations are available with different current and package sizes.

CLICK HERE to view an animation video of how these battery protectors work.

Sefuse® D6S Battery Fuses