The Elcut brand is manufactured by Uchihashi Estec Co., Ltd of Osaka, Japan while the SEFUSE® brand is manufactured by SCHOTT Japan Corporation, Shiga, Japan.

Both the Elcut and SEFUSE® brands are internationally recognized for their high quality and leading-edge design technologies of one-shot, non-resettable thermal links often referred to as TCO’s, thermal cut-offs thermal protectors, and thermal fuses. Both brands are manufactured according to ISO9001 standards.

Chatham Components Inc is located in Lebanon NJ, USA. We maintain a huge inventory of over 2 million thermal links. This allows us to ship the same day in most cases. We offer personalized service and pride ourselves for on-time delivery. We can be reached by telephone (908-840-4428), email ( or fax (908-840-4430).

Our Customers

Our customers are manufacturers of electrical products that require overheat protection including home appliances, battery packs, motors, transformers, power supplies, heating and air-conditioning equipment and various electronic devices. A thermal link (TCO) is designed into electrical circuits to cutoff the electrical power in case of overheating, either as a backup in series to a thermostat or on their own. Thermal links are used to prevent uncontrolled overheating.