Company Profile

Thermal Cutoff Fuses / Links – Chatham Components Inc. is a leading supplier of high quality; one-shot, non-resettable thermal cut-off fuses often referred to as TCO’s, thermal links, thermal protectors, thermal fuses and thermal cut-offs. Chatham Components has been providing thermal cutoffs to the electrical device manufacturers since 1983. Chatham Components Inc. provides thermal cutoffs to electrical products manufacturers located in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

Chatham Components Inc. is an exclusive distributor for two of the highest quality thermal fuse brands available – the Elcut brand and the SEFUSE ® brand. The Elcut brand of thermal cutoff is manufactured by Uchihashi Estec Co., Ltd of Osaka, Japan while the SEFUSE brand is manufactured by SCHOTT Japan Corporation, Shiga, Japan. Both the Elcut and SEFUSE thermal cuffs are internationally recognized for their high quality and leading edge design technologies. They are manufactured according to ISO9001 standards, the international standard for quality assurance.

Chatham Components Inc is located in Lebanon NJ, USA. We maintain a huge inventory of over 3 million thermal fuses. This allows us to ship the same day in most cases. We offer personalized service and pride ourselves for on-time delivery. We can be reached by telephone (908-840-4428), email:( or fax (908-840-4430).