The thermal pellet placed inside the metal case of the SF-type responds to an abnormal temperature situation and triggers the cutoff function. The SF-type features a large rated current of 6A to 15A (AC). Furthermore, the SFH/R series has higher Tm than conventional thermal links, as well as excellent insulation performance at high temperature conditions.


Note 1) No use of hazardous substances prescribed by WEEE and RoHS.
All SF/R series do not use SVHC prescribed by REACH (205 substances, 17th January, 2022).

2) For standard lead length type, add the suffix “0” at the end of the part number.
For long lead length type, add the suffix “1” at the end of the part number.

3) Th is the maximum temperature measured on the thermal link when it continues to conduct a rated current without changing its state of
conductivity for 168 hours.

4) The electrical ratings according to the various safety standards are shown in the following table.


5) The following SF-types have passed the Conductive Heat Aging Test (CHAT) specified by the UL safety standard: SF113R*, SF129R*, SF139R*,
SF144R*, SF150R*, SF167R*, SF184R*, SF188R*, SF214R*, SF229R*, and SF240R*.

6) With respect to the PSE standard, SF/R is separately available for 10A and 15A ratings. Please select the appropriate product rating according to
the specifications of the final application.

7) In case of requests for 10A rated current thermal links, please add “J1” after the part number (name). i.e. SF***R0 J1

8) Already withdrawn with old certification # : 2013010205600209

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