Uchihashi Estec – Manufacturer of the Elcut brand of Thermal Cutoff Fuses

thermal cutoff fusesUchihashi Estec manufactures thermal cutoff fuses (Elcut brand) and solder products (solder bars, solder wires, flux cored solder wires, solder paste, solder fibers, solder ribbons and fluxes). Uchihashi Estec is fully committed to quality products and environmentally safe manufacturing processes. The company employs approximately 100 employees and has ISO 9001 certified manufacturing sites in Japan and Vietnam.

thermalcutofffuses1Uchihashi Estec began manufacturing and marketing solder products in 1918. For nearly a century, the company has been leading the development of the most advanced alloy technologies – including the successful commercialization of the world’s first small alloy thermal cutoffs. Uchihashi’s thermal cutoffs and solders may not always be visible to consumers, but they ensure the safe and reliable operation of a wide range of electrical products in which they are incorporated.

Key Milestones

thermal cutoff fuses